More than 35 years' experience

The origins of MPI go back to 1975, when a quarry owner who wished to add value to the by-products of his operations decided to finance the design and development of a synthetic material consisting mainly of crushed minerals.

His project came to fruition in October 1985 with the creation of the company MPI whose corporate purpose is the manufacture and marketing of moulded synthetic stone elements. Production was initially relatively traditional in character, but the company has since changed significantly.

In fact, in 2007 MPI left its historic site in Soumagne, where it had a working area of approximately 6,000 sq. m. and little automated equipment, to settle in the Barchon zoning in buildings with a total area of 12,000 sq. m. It took the opportunity to equip itself with much more efficient processing machines in order to be able to respond more professionally, efficiently and rapidly to the growing and increasingly diversified demand.

Today, with our experience, we strive to improve the quality of our products and processes continually, to deliver to our customers components that meet the highest technical and aesthetic requirements, while respecting the budgets and deadlines received.