A pallet of possibilities

Our washbasin tables and shower trays can be produced in three different materials that are available in different colour palettes:


Surface material identical to the mass  material.

SF 15

SF 4

SF 689


Surface material composed of a coloured gel coat according to the RAL colour chart.

RAL 9003

It is also possible to obtain monochrome tints.


Surface material composed of a gel coat with granite effect.

GR 130

GR 110

GR 140

GR 121

GR 240

GR 75

GR 100 / 130

GR 100

Most of our products are available in the 3 materials listed above. However, some tools are not compatible with the manufacturing processes corresponding to Granite Spray or RAL Spray. In this case, the available colour palette is reduced. Before choosing a colour, it is therefore advisable to check the materials available for the chosen product by consulting our online catalogue or by questioning our sales representatives.